Fire Near Bronson Caused By Lightning Strike
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, August 31, 2021

(photo courtesy of National Geographic)

(MATTESON TOWNSHIP) – A fire north of Bronson Sunday night was started by a lightning strike.

The Bronson Fire Department was contacted Sunday at 7:20 PM regarding a fire in the 900 block of Burr Oak Road. A person driving by the house saw smoke near the rear porch and called 911. He also said he contacted the occupants of the dwelling and let them know it was on fire.

According to Bronson Assistant Fire Chief Ken Stutzman, firefighters arrived and found smoke near the back porch eaves and overhang area. The fire was put out in a few minutes. Damage estimates stand at $6,500.

Stutzman says power lines were also down and a call was made to Consumer’s Energy.

An investigation determined the fire started due to lightning from Sunday's storms that moved through the area.


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