Lakeland School Officials Oppose Funding Legislation
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, February 11, 2021

(courtesy of Lakeland School Corporation)

(LAGRANGE) – Lakeland School officials have voiced their opposition to legislation that would continue to drain funding for public education in Indiana.

Lakeland Schools Superintendent Dr. Eva Merkel says the Lakeland Education Association and the Lakeland School Corporation have approved a join resolution that opposes bills in the Indiana House and the Indiana Senate.

Indiana House Bill 1005 proposes reallocation of over $200 million to unaccredited schools and unsupervised home schools with no supervisory oversight that students are actually being educated.

Indiana Senate Bill 412 proposes over $100 million for the same purpose. Senate Bill 413 proposes that public schools share their tax revenue with local charter schools.

Merkel says public schools do not shy away from competing against any private entity. They do ask that legislators remember that 90 percent of the public is educated through the public school system.

Merkel says they also ask that lawmakers focus on holding all schools accountable financially and academically, and not on giving money away with no oversight.


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