Colon Student Becomes Ill After Taking Virtual Challenge
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, November 22, 2022

(photo courtesy of Colon Schools)

(COLON) – Leaders with Colon Community Schools are letting parents know about an on line challenge that nearly put a student in the hospital.

In a statement, Colon Superintendent Rachel Kowalski announced that a Colon Elementary School student took what is known as the Paqui “One Chip Challenge”. The challenge, which started on the social media site Tik-Tok, is to see who can eat a chip made from Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper.

A warning on the back of the package says you should not eat the chip if you are sensitive to spicy foods; are allergic to peppers, nightshades or capsaicin or are pregnant. It should also be kept out of the reach of children.

School staff called 911 on November 18 for a child who was having trouble breathing and had been vomiting for 30 minutes. A member of the Colon Elementary staff helped to stabilize the child. First responders arrived and were able to treat the boy at the scene.

Colon Elementary School Principal Amanda PeGan set a letter out to families, and posted it on the School District’s website, saying these chips are fairly accessible and have been brought to school by students.

In the letter, PeGan says this is a very dangerous challenge and is absolutely not allowed at school. She says should a student be caught with a chip in the future, consequences could include suspension.


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