Chuck Rowe

Chuck was born and raised in Philadelphia where he developed his passion for radio, listening to the many great stations from Philly and New York City.

He later moved to sunny Southern California, where his radio career began when he was hired by Metro Networks as a weekend traffic reporter for a number of stations in the market. In 2005, Chuck became the staff traffic anchor for KNX 1070 Newsradio, and kept Southern California commuters out of traffic trouble and also covered breaking news stories that included car chases, fires, floods, landslides and of course, earthquakes! He had some big shoes to fill in that position. The guy who had that gig before him, Jim Thornton, is now the announcer for Wheel of Fortune.

In September of 2007, Chuck packed up the family and moved to Indiana where he now resides with his wife and kids.



Rick Burton

Rick Burton has been on the air in every corner of the United States doing Country and Rock formats and on the nationally syndicated “Jeremy Show.” Rick also did nights on the legendary “Q102 Texas Best Rock” in Dallas, TX for 15 years. When Rick is not playing radio, he enjoys spending time with his wife Brenda and son Travis. Rick is an avid guitar player and can be found many nights playing with his band “Stone Cold Sweat.”



Audra Cash

Audra Cash has always had a deep passion for music—any and all genres! This love for music has always led her back to being an On-Air Personality on the radio, time and time again. She had a rewarding career in Television, Modeling, Acting, as a Journalist/Writer and in Public Relations/Marketing. She still does Acting and Modeling in her spare time.

She has a Masters Degree in Broadcasting/Journalism and has worked in many markets; several Major and Large markets, all of which she was quite successful. Audra began in a Large Market and now is heard in various markets all across the country. Which, she thoroughly enjoys and loves having you as a listener; she is always most appreciative of her listeners and enjoys interacting with them. You can find Audra on Facebook: or follow her on Twitter: @AudraCashShow

Audra is an avid sports fan—from the NFL to the MLB and everything in between! She is a HUGE animal lover and the proud mom to two great dogs, Loki and Harry. Audra enjoys hiking, skiing, sailing, yoga, Pilates, boxing, reading and golf—though golfing isn’t exactly her forte!

Audra grew up in Indiana—a self-proclaimed tomboy! She grew up spending time in a small town during the school year with her parents. Audra’s summers were spent on her grandparent’s farm—which she loved! She remains very close with her parents.



Steve Baker

Steve knows what listeners want. They have decided to listen to Thunder Country 105.5 because they always hear the best country, and a show that keeps the music flowing.



Chaz Mixon

A 35 year radio vet, Chaz has been there done that as far as different radio formats. Right out of high school he sunk his teeth into college radio and quickly moved on to the legendary KZEW working in research, promotions, on air and music programming. Then moved on to classic rock, smooth jazz and unforgettable favorites and then a long stint doing network radio where he could be heard in all four corners of the states and even overseas in the Middle East among other places! Chaz has 2 boys in their 20's and likes to play that 12 string guitar, watch Showtime TV and movies and get outdoors as often as possible. Sports is a big player on the big screen at home too!