Allen Says State Of Emergency Could Help Get Funds
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, August 17, 2021

St. Joseph County Commission Chairman Dennis Allen (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/Swick Broadcasting)

(CENTREVILLE) – St. Joseph County's State of Emergency declaration could help the county get back money used to help clean up after last week's storms.

The State of Emergency for the County went into effect on August 14. St. Joseph County Commission Chairman Dennis Allen explains once the County has been cleaned up, then officials will start looking at what it cost to get everything repaired and working again. ...... {LISTEN}.

As a result of the storms that moved through the area on August 11 and August 12, the following conditions exist in the county: Substantial damage to critical infrastructure including electric utility systems; Significant damage to homes and public/private property in multiple villages, townships and cities; and Considerable hazardous debris impacting emergency responses on state and local roads.

Under the declaration, local resources are being utilized to the fullest possible extent. In addition, the response and recovery elements of the County's emergency operations plan have been activated.

Allen says he is glad that other agencies were able to come in and help County workers get trees removed and power restored.


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