CMH looking to cut into deficit


CENTREVILLE – Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services wants to find wants to cut back on their costs.

Financial reports were presented during Tuesday's CMH Board meeting, showing a deficit of $1.1 million. That is broken down into two pieces: Medicaid and General Fund.

Board President Tim Carmichael says Medicaid pays a per month, per member fee for every client the CMH provides services to. Those services have exceeded the fees by approximately $800,000.

Carmichael says there could be many reason for this happening, and the CMH will look into them.

Carmichael says the other part of their deficit issue is due to funding from the State of Michigan. The State has cut the amount of money sent to the CMH General Fund by $300,000 to use for non Medicaid clients.

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health has funds in their reserves to cover the amount CMH is short, but Carmichael says they can't rely on that all the time. He says CMH has to do things differently.

Carmichael says they found a coding issue related to their clients who have autism. That has been fixed and should allow for the CMH to be reimbursed properly from the State.

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